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Default Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: OK I will!

Get_real, I think you're right on the mark to being what one would consider a good Christian, doing the right things to create a wonderful world. My Bible study has shown that these are the real teachings of Jesus and his underling message. I say following Jesus' teaching of goodness seems to be the only real way to defeat the NWO.

The NWO however has polluted and hijacked the message of "prophets" with the creation of religion, watered down important writings and introduced all the mindless rituals. Of course they create the power structures and then taken them over to control the masses. My research has shown that prayer was originally taught as a means to better connect with ones inner (and hidden) power- this has been hijacked as well. Ironically, most religion now teaches us to stay away from "witch craft" and the like which is just really one of our natural born capabilities that we all have.

I too was born and raised Catholic and agree with much of what's being said-- however, I do view the Bible as containing important writings that can act as a guide for life.
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