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Default Re: 73,000 AMERICAN DEAD

since this thread is about numbers I have a newsstory that i saw well about three weeks ago. I was in a mcdonalds where they play cnn on TV, well theirs was a story on how thier was 83,000 missing guns and i was with two of my friends and one believed the story so i called him out on it! so i tell him

" that story is a lie 83,000 guns missing???? you have to be stupid to believe that story now just image this mcdonalds had 40ppl in it all with guns! now thats alot of people with image 100 people in the micky D's with guns that even alot more guns! now image 1,000 guns one to each person! then multiply that by 80,000!" Now how the hell does the fing United States of America lose 83,000 AK47 that are three feet long!?
the lies they try to sell you.
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