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Default Re: George W. Bush: The Bible Is "Probably Not" Literally True

Originally Posted by The Old Medic View Post
Blue Angel, you REALLY need to stop being so paranoid.

My note was NOT addressed to you, but to the topic. I was not respinding to YOU, but to the topic. Stop thinking that i am ONLY speaking to you.

Also, it is NOT necessary to quote every note in its entirety. That just makes all of these topic unnecessarily long.

It's those little voices again, isn't it? Telling you that everything is directed at YOU and you alone.
I suggest you grab a Thesaurus as your use of the word PARANOIA has become quite monotonous.

Please be advised that anytime you make a note or comment on a thread, anyone can respond to that note regardless of the fact that you have not addressed that NOTE to any member of CC in particular.

Obviously, I don't think that you are only speaking to me because I don't respond to ALL of your NOTES.

I'll use the quote function as I desire.

Please tell US why you believe I have VOICES that are AGAIN telling me that everything is directed at me and me alone.

The operative words would be VOICES and AGAIN.

Not the first time you have referenced VOICES.

Care to elaborate or instead spare us with yet another of your NOTES directed to NO ONE in particular just so you can use the word PARANOIA and VOICES AGAIN?

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