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Default Looking for Beautiful Crazy woman

Hi. I'm a normal single white male currently living under the fabian socialist Obama administration.

I'm smart, good looking, intelligent, and vaccinated.

I like music of all sorts, but especially off the wall jazz and poor lounge music.

I'm searching for an intelligent, beautiful, and near socio-pathic female for romance and marriage, and who desires for me to get her pregnant.

Not a violent socio-path. Just a woman who is really outside the box, and I don't mean who pretends that she's a goth. I mean a woman who is really, honestly, truly against the social grain in every way. It would be nice if she spoke ancient near eastern languages as well, as this is big turn on for me. If you could whisper sweet nothings in my ear in say, Ugaridic, that would be just lovely.

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