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Default Re: HIGHER INDOCTRINATION: Universities and Corporate control by David Livingstone

:-? Draken: I dont attend accredited tertiary education for indoctrination purposes of the academics worldviews.I attend to, pass exams, essay and courses and ultimately a degree.
I dont have to take the message of the lecturers and can take it or leave it.I choose to leave it at the edge of the university campus each time.

You Complain about tertiary education as though students have no free will to decide and believe in whatever they choose. This is simply not the case you are generalising. I am tertiary student in au and I have socially conservatives views.Do you think the lecturers taught me these?.

If i told my lecturers i believed in NWO and conspiracies they would laugh at me.Infact if you were to come to Australia and tell most people professionals, or trades and small business, any strata of society your views they would laugh because most Australians are simply to sceptical to believe in grand conspiracies period either that or they have no problems with what is being planned for them!.

You are insulting my individuality and free will by suggesting all post modern tertiary students can and will be brainwashed into secular humanist style views.If that were the case i would certainly never bother posting here!. :-?
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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