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Excerpt from the latest "Voice of the White House" (April 7):

"From one of my elevated, Jewish friends, I have heard interesting stories about the origins of the nasty campaigns here in American directed against Catholic priests. It seems that Edgar Bronfman, the Booze Baron, and the Rabbi Singer, his pet hit man, having bullied the Swiss into paying them lots of money, then turned their attentions to the Vatican. The Jews hate the Catholics, because the Pope during the war didn’t do what they considered enough to save them from the Germans and so, flush with victory, they told the Vatican they wanted the Papal archives opened to see if any German money had somehow gotten into the Vatican bank. After a long investigation, the Pope ruled that the Bronfman WJC claims were baseless and refused entry. The WJC at once informed the Holy See that they would “punish them” with the public in the United States and a week later, the papers started a campaign directed at “pedophile priests” that has cost the Catholic Church dearly."

Fortunately not all Jews hate the Catholics since the Bronfman and Singer like people do represent only a kabbalistic "elite", not the whole Jewish community. The Pope has well understood this.
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