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Default Re: HIGHER INDOCTRINATION: Universities and Corporate control by David Livingstone

I went through Uni for a B/A Nursing. It was a great little course that took in absoloutly everything...the physical, mental, spiritual, politics, law etc...

After graduating I worked for 4 1/2 years getting to know birth, death and cleaning up other peoples waste. It made me grow up.

300 started...about 5 got what they were trying to do. Most were woman and would constantly whine "why are we doing this? I just want to work".

I believe Uni is absoloutly WASTED on most people.

What does the average 17-18 year old know? It is supposed to be 'higher learning' but I fear the vast majority of people would be better served in the apprentiship system and that includes all the business schools.

I recently returned to the campus...half the Nursing building is now dedicated to business. Turning out useless managerial types...all ready to take their place in the NWO system as 'systems managers'.

Their is no other current use for Uni than for indoctrination. Nearly all the less practical things like ethics and courses designed to make you think are being canned.

If mere utility is what they want then it's time to move back to the apprentiship system.

If Uni was doing it's job thered be a revoloution tomorrow.

Like all institutions it's use has been turned to keeping the power structures intact.

I say burn them down. They no longer serve the public good but the ideals of an Elite few through government, foundations and direct corporate sponsorship.

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