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Originally Posted by susie View Post

no, what he's done is posted the link to a "new reply" for that thread. like the link to quote a reply. its not an edit post thing. i think what he's done is clicked reply, its included the quote, and he's copied the URL to that from his browser by mistake. its not a problem really, but if you want me to change the URL in that post, just let me know

Thanks, Susie.

When clicking the "How is Philly" link posted by Bruce999 in the "I'm on Fire" thread, a comment by me from that thread appears in the edit function mode.

I did a test.

I deleted my comment to see if that would cause it to erase on the I'm on Fire thread.

It didn't.

Not sure it was a mistake on the poster's part, but everything is COOL in either event.

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