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Default Re: US Casualties: An Email From US Soldier Stationed At Abu Ghraib Prison

Drak, Jihad unspun is bullshit and probably run by an intelligence service out of Kanada...thats right! Kanada...those bloody Kanadians!


13,000 dead is a 10% death rate...unheard of...ever.

D-Day casualty rates were around 3% including wounded (I may be off a little, to lazy to look it up).

Honestly, dont go to that site. It's terrible.

I actually would'nt be surprised if the dead and wounded figures are correct or at least only slightly lessened.

Whatever, it's way to much...including Iraqi's.

Maybe we should consider a more insidious side effect? Thousands of men and women, unsettled by sites that should'nt be seen, fighting for a complete lie and bound to be forgotton when they get home.

Combined with the MTV generation and a good supply of SSRI's and of luck my American friends. Sincerely.

How did you feel Nohope knowing you were fed bullshit?

Best Drak.
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