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Let's recap.

Or, a play by play, if you will.

DODD and his staff constructed a BILL for the AIG bail-out that included a diluted version of executive bonus payments.

This Bill passed the Senate.

Afterwards, the ADMINISTRATION instructed DODD to change the language in the Bill to include exorbitant bonus payments to the executives of AIG and DODD accommodated the ADMINISTRATION.

Was this Bill, with the change, presented to the Senate again for a vote?

DODD stated that he had no clue that the revision he made to the original BILL to provide for exorbitant executive bonuses upon the request of the Administration was in support of AIG.

Well, if this is so, then we are to assume that DODD had no clue for whom he was writing the original Stimulus Bill.

What is he doing?

Writing a Bill without any idea for whom or what?

According to President Obama, who must be out of the loop, as well, he was unaware that this BILL provided for exorbitant bonuses to the executives of AIG.

He was astounded that his Treasury Secretary failed to block the exorbitant bonus package.


Block it?

He authorized it.

A diluted version was passed by the Senate and the Treasury Secretary (Administration) told DODD to change it.

So, who threw the Treasury secretary the pass that he failed to block?

Those who control our country?

Those who control our President?

Namely, the FED/Banksters.

Oh, yeah, I'm certain that the Treasury Secretary is capable of blocking the FED just the same as the President.

Don't you just love how OBAMA said that people are too concerned with placing blame.

Actually, I disagree.

The people should be VERY CONCERNED as to placing blame and I think you share in part of the blame and are using the Treasury Secretary as the fall guy because you certainly can't tell the people that you take your orders from the FED and, therefore, have no REAL power.
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