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Default Re: US Casualties: An Email From US Soldier Stationed At Abu Ghraib Prison

true, I know Jihad Unspun is a highly dubious website. But the "question is: how many American soldiers are ACTUALLY dying every day and what is the TRUE number of casualties?" like I said previously to clarify why I posted the "email".

Even if it's a propaganda site run out of Canada by neocons; how do we know it's not the truth? Do we actually know the number of casualties? If not then this could be true. The suspicion of Jihad Unspun being an outlet of American propaganda might make us question allegations we have no chance to verify via more reliable sources because ther aren't any.

Actually, unless any of us has been in Iraq as an intelligence officer or any other position where they were privy to reliable sources of information and can verify the number of casualties (I certainly have not been in Iraq) the only thing we can do is speculate, which is actually what I'm doing, posting this alleged email.
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