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Default Re: US Casualties: An Email From US Soldier Stationed At Abu Ghraib Prison

No, the figures are about right for war or insurgency.

A 10% death rate is unheard of in any war. Perhaps only the mown down piles of Russian dead come close.

I bet the figures are reasonable. I did'nt say accurate. No way would it be their (JUS) figure.

There are an awful lot of private contractors out there (mercenaries)...they could include high figures.

Around 1500 dead for 150,000 troops is 1%. About right. Especially given the top class medical facilities.

3% dead in the height of battles in the East was average and they did not have the medical technology...German.

It's one thing i disagree on with the anti-war movement.

To hide a big figure would be difficult. If anyone on the left or right with a few sheckles wanted to check, i bet they could.

I have to disagree...though, if it did turn out high...5000 or so then i would'nt be surprised. But 15,000....never.

Just my opinion.

BTW...15,000 is approx 20 dead a day, every day.
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