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Default Re: Flight 1549 in the Hudson

Originally Posted by emerson24 View Post
I have no agenda other than posting my opinions/comments. If you think that posting a comment suggests a member of this forum has an agenda, I suggest you understand that an opinion and an AGENDA are not one in the same.

As for my stance, not enough info. However, the fact that birds don't typically migrate at that time of year is interesting, which is what the general consensus is. That some people heard an explosion is interesting. That the pilot didn't speak for 24 hours, or was told not to, or whatever it was, is interesting and causes people to ask more questions.

If you don't have enough information to make a stance as to why you think this plane crash is a conspiracy, then why insinuate same?

I live in the Northeast and there are geese flying above my house all winter long. Do you think that, perhaps, if geese are ingested into an engine it might cause an explosion?

If someone drove by your house every night, and you saw the same car, you would investigate. Doesn't mean anything is wrong, but if you don't, then it's foolish on your part. That is all people are doing, as I see it.

The plane didn't fly over my house every night so there wasn't any need for me to investigate Flight 1549 and, even if Flight 1549 flew over my house every night, I wouldn't have had a clue.

Although, if it was a conspiracy, I haven't heard of a good outcome it would have had if it did crash. Not exactly sure how it would have impacted things. I mean, sure, if Bush wanted to pull Martial Law and stay in office, that could be a reason, although, I don't see how this incident could have caused something like that to occur, just not big enough in magnitude IMO.

Pull marital law over a plane crash? You're kidding, right?

First of all you insinuate it could possibly be a conspiracy because no one took pictures of the plane being taken out of the water then you insinuate that it could be a conspiracy because geese don't normally migrate at that time of the year. So, what is it? Do you think the plane crash was a conspiracy or not? If you think it was a conspiracy, please state your hypothesis. The plane crash is over. Move on.

My bad, you really are a jack ass. I never implied it was a conspiracy, and I stated that, clearly. You obviously can't read. I simply stated that I would think pictures would have been taken when the plane was removed which should clarify some questions.

As for the martial law being pulled, I stated that I'm not seeing how this plane flight would fit any conspiracy, SUCH AS Bush pulling Martial Law, as someone else suggested. You need to read dude.

The plane flying over was an analogy for something looking suspicious. Hence, the explosion, birds causing both engines to go out, etc.

Simply put, you are a jack ass who obviously doesn't read what someone writes and just wants to argue for the sake of arguing. My bad for thinking you were anything but. No need to reply.
The way you are responding to my comments in this post are incomprehensible and, therefore, I am unable to reply.

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