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Default Greetings from Darth Cacodaemon

Greetings. I am a 35 year old follower of Luciferianism and an advocate of the New World Order. As you may or may not know, the Sith do exist, in a sense. While our name changes and we create new groups, the same philosophy and practices continue as it did in the olden days, going as far back as the Mystery Schools of Egypt, Persia and Greece.
There is much information that is true out there, but much more untrue. Our method is to mix lies with truth, untill our opponents do not know what to believe. By building a virtual world of mirrors, we distort the truth and make it virtually impossible for people to discover the truth This is called misinformation, and we use it most effectively against those who may get too close to the truth.
By making them seem insane, we discredit them so no one takes them serious. Once there discredited, even the truth is believed to be a lie!

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