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Default Re: Oprah Winfrey Is Openly Trying To Destroy Biblical Christianity

Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
You're worried about Oprah? Listen, as a Luciferian , I must tell you that I would think you have greater concerns then Oprah!

The problem is that you attack her, without realizing that she is a small cog in the greater scheme of things. I agree with Oprah though; as a Luciferian I do indeed believe I am a God in the making. But, your attack on her is missing the mark.

The fact is, we Luciferians have been working at this for a long, long time. Christianity (at least in the United States) is one of our greatest enemies. To create the world we invision, a paradise made of deified humans with great occult powers, the Church must thoroughly be discredited. But to be quite honest, were doing that WITHIN the Church it's self!
If you haven't noticed, most Evangelical Churches are being slowly corrupted. We target Evangelicals because of your position on the Bible. The other Churches more or less have been subverted by us, and really don't believe in the Bible or it's message anymore. Our hope is to make you look so judgemental, so hypocritical and so out dated that we can accomplish what we did in Europe. Only the Evangelical Churches stand in the way, since they insist on being relevant and engaging in the larger society.
However, we have made good headway. Gay marriage, btw, is one means to destroy people's perception of homosexuality as an evil orientation or practice. We realized a long time ago we could use "tolerance" as a means to undermine the Church and to destroy it's credibility with the populace.
Once the Church falls, the rest will be easy. This society is very materialistic and as Post-Modernism takes hold, new opportunities will open to us. All that needs to be done is the discrediting of the Church and the total removal of it from any influence to contemporary society. We need to make you as relevant and creditable as the Flat Earth Society.
Sorry to inform you, but you're really not making much head-way in destroying religion.

There will always be a GOD.


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