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Default Re: Larry Silverstein

"If you look at the evidence anybody who knows anything about the sciences would instantly discount that evidence. I mean, there's plenty of coincidences and unexplained phenomena, you know, why did this happen and why didn't that happen, and so on."

Yeah, why did this and that happen, Chomsky. Your talk is very unprofessional. It's very easy to explain why WTC7 sank down to earth like it was suddenly standing on the ocean. Y'know, like this and like that... You're mumbling, Chomsky.

Naom Chomsky explains how complicated events are:

"When you take a natural event, not something that was controlled, most of it will be unexplained. There'll be all sorts of things that happened, afterwards you can put them into some kind of pattern but beforehand you can't and the pattern may be completely meaningless because you could put them into some other pattern too, if you want. That's just the way complicated events are."

"When you take a natural event most of it will be unexplained."

Oh, really? Is that a scientific rule that fits all "natural events"?

"That's just the way complicated events are."

No need to investigate anything. Everything is just too complicated...

"Even if it were true, who cares?"

Our leaders are insane mass murderers. A whole nation has been blamed for their evil crimes. But who cares, really...?

Naom Chomsky: Who cares if our leaders are mass murderers?
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