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Default Re: Self-Sufficiency vs. Comfort

My sister owns 10 acres of prime realestate out of a town.

Even if she provides perfectly good water and sewerage facilities (easily done), she cannot subdivide that land. Only the local council can provide water and sewerage and that will take 10-15 years.

It's her land...she however, does not own it by any definition. She cannot do what she wants on that land. No more easily identifiable reason for being pissed off exists for me at this moment.

The State, on a whim, a jealous competitor in high position can make life hell for you.

They can peer into your backyard with satellite photo's to make sure you hav'nt built an illegal 'terrorist' pergola. They are beautiful A4 sized high definition photo's of your backyard brought up on a computer and printed out in a few minutes.

I will have my land, but clear in my mind is that people will have to fight.

I dont want to sound melodramatic, but people really have to let the State know...if they want to get busy, sticking their pig snouts in peoples business, they should know ordinary people will fight back. By whatever means appropriate. People need to draw a line in the sand and say NO FURTHER.

Where is their to run? We will all have to fight...we can still have a tree filled block of land though...with permaculture. Yum, yum.
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