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Default Re: Greetings from Darth Cacodaemon

Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
Yes, the funny thing is that many people talk about these so called "secret organizations", but if there so secret then how come you know it? The answer is simple.
Misdirection. The real business isn't done face to face. The Internet (obviously), makes it much easier for communication, without the risk of us actually knowing each face to face.
I couldn't tell you any of the other Luciferians I talk to. Even if something were to go down, all I would know is screen names and nicknames. Admittedly, I am a low level Luciferians, but all the same I am plugged in. Believe me, the only one that REALLY knows about our "secret" meetings (really hiding in sight, more like it) is the government. And those who know about it are involved, so they're not worried about we are doing.
The thing you guys try to do, by connecting the dots, is often off. You must remember, conquering people against their will only causes the conquered to rebel, no matter how hopeless is their rebellion. Before anything can be done, a campaign of propaganda and incrementally making them accustomed to our agenda needs to be done.
Don;t waste your time with the so called "secret" organizations that you know about. Their simply a ruse to :1. make you look like a paranoid, right wing nut and 2. To have you weste your time on.
Remember, our goal is to discredit those who oppose our agenda. What better way then to make such people seem like unbalanced, foaming-at-the-mouth right wing nut jobs?
I don't waste my time trying to connect dots or concern myself with secret organizations.
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