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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

I'm for the wake up call.

It may be a rude awakening an it is inevitable. Too many people know too much are no longer scared to speak. There are too many of us, I agree. And I agree that we have to clean house and bring peace of mind to oursleves and our homes, first, at the very least.

Shame the devil and tell the truth.
Why should I feel shame for their actions?
If it's their shame, let them feel it and if I can shine a little light some how, some way, humanity will be forced to see the naked truth.

The emperor is naked. He has no clothes. Run that skeezy bastid out of town.

There are good people in the media... even mainstream media. I talk to a lot of reporters in my neck of the woods. They rarely believe the things I find out and won't dare to print a word and they, as individuals, heard me out.

I also have great faith that the truth always comes to light. I plant a seed of truth and reality will make that plant grow. They will see something unusual that gets through that chink I placed in their rose-colored glasses.

Speak the truth, it is all God asks of any of us. Isn't that what we, as parents, demand from our children? Are we living the truth or a lie? The kids know and they are creating a very rebellious generation through their propaganda machine of education.

Better days a comin'
I can sense peace on the horizon of all this despair. The truth is going to come to light. Hold tight to your hope.

Mary XXX
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