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Default Re: HIGHER INDOCTRINATION: Universities and Corporate control by David Livingstone

:-? TB:
What does the average 17-18 year old know? It is supposed to be 'higher learning' but I fear the vast majority of people would be better served in the apprentiship system and that includes all the business schools.
For the average 17 -18 yes!.However in my case case I am 30.For those over 21 apprentiships are clearly out of the question due to the age based training structure in Australia set up by Mr Howard and co.
Mature age people are not attractive to Business because well, they are older!.Societies attitudes towards mature age training and life long learning would have to be radically adjusted in Australia to change this!.

If this age discrmination could be removed in terms of training yeh sure mature people may return to apprentiship style training.Obviously not as many youth are opting for apprentiships any more either.
I know if dads a plumber or a sparkie junior will usually follow a similar pattern also but for the majority of youth this is simply not the case.Especially because many Small Businesses prefer to train family or relatives before strangers!.

However as i understand it in Australia the post industrial era seems to mean less demand for traditional trades although service industries like hospitality have naturally always attracted high demand. We have so many chefs in Australia the country could almost become one big resturant.

The post modern economy simply appears to have bypassed many trades due to technological changes and the typical demand & supply cycle which has either made many redundant or less likely to employ youth or anyone else for that matter,due to not enough demand for most of 1990s until recently.Now all of sudden its in the News they need more youth for apprentiships this seems to have hit the government and the media out of nowhere.

These are structural changes caused by up and down supply and demand cycle Globally and locally, TB they are not so easy to remedy as you might think!.In the next month to year they maybe saying they need more tertiary training again more immigration has always been one of the economists and bipartisan government favourites whether it is more professional immigration or more trades based immigration they always appear to think it is an easier option than training local people.:-?
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