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Default Re: Above Top SECRET.Com (phonies)

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
Every written post is monitored, edited, and then rewritten to conform to their beleifs, which are counter-CHRISTIAN and PRO-ZIONIST.

And only the "Dues Paying Members" are allowed semi-Freedom of speech. NO ANTI ZIONISM ALLOWED!
Hello redrat. Yes, you are correct, anti-zionism is considered the equivalent to "antisemitism" and "hate speech" on ATS. While most real hate speech about Arabs and Muslims seemingly go without notice most of the time. Even using the alert button there, alot of those threads go on active. Ironic isn't it?

Even if you only criticize Israel as a state, you'll more than likely immediately get slapped with terms like 'bigot', 'racist', 'antisemite' etc.. and this is very common.

I would just avoid the topic over there, that's my advice.

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