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Default Re: Majorion-- intro

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post
Hello fellow CC forumerions!

Majorion is the name (not real name though, of course ).

I'm no stranger to conspiracy forums.. I'm an active member and a subversive element in many forums.

My research is deep into UFOs, I have found out a lot since I began my quest for the truth many years ago.

I wouldn't be surprised if any of you recognize me.. putting all narcissism aside! .. but really, it's happened to me many-a-time.

Peace all, and Cheers!!!!

Indeed? Pray tell, IF U.F.O's exist as "nuts and bolts" objects, where is the evidence? And IF it is NOT a "nuts and bolts" object, how do you know you are not being fed disinformation in a propaganda war?
Even IF some of your information IS true, what percent of it, do you personally believe, is disinformation mixed in with the legitimate information?

Beware of credulousness. A war is going on, both in the light of day and in the shadows. Propaganda, disinformation and other tools are used to effectively make you chase your tail or, as our plan is, to make you sound like an insane lunatic. We are very good at stereotyping people, and if you present factual truths along side the disinformation, then we will use your credulousness to discredit you and make every one think your an insane conspiracy nut case or, at worse, a right wing Neo-Conservative fruitcake.
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