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Default Re: Self-Sufficiency vs. Comfort

If you mean the reality of Statist coercion and threats to individual freedom like taxes and "welfare systems" and "democratic human rights" it really all depends on how much comfort you've let yourself be bribed with.
Dragon: This isnt Sweden you know we dont have a Democratic socialist type government or excessive bureaucracy here in Australia. Infact i have made it clear before it is opposite. Foreign Corps and their Market liberal supporters pushing their economic rationalist mantra have control over au at the present time and our future looks like even more privatistaion of essential serivices.So I am afraid socialism is nowhere on the horizon here.I forgot your one of the market liberals arent you!.

Most people can't imagine a life without TV. I've decided to give up TV half-a-year ago and I don't intend to EVER go back. This is an illustration on a miniscule scale of what it would take to become independent and self-sufficient. The State claims that you wouldn't be able to live your life if the State didn't provide you with for example infrastructure. Really? Does my life REALLY depend on infrastructure? Would I REALLY stop breathing if I didn't have a bus to ride, or an asphalted road to walk on?
Yes i agree with all this, but Liberal capitalism brings us all this. The state just takes care of criminal law enforcement and taxes. It looks like these two responibilites will be it s only functions in Australia very soon.

I agree with both TB and Ahmad that we need to go back to smaller communities, like villages, where everyone know eachother and protect and help eachother.
Dragon: Did you see this in my last post to TB:
Further i understand market liberals and libertarians believed in living in a centralised corporatised economic system not decentralised societies or community since they believe that all relationships only exist with the framework of the voluntary exchange of goods and services (hayek)and since these are monopolised increasingly by big business they set the ground rules.
The fact is Market Liberals and the Conglomerate capitalism they encourge would be the first to want to stifle such an idea! The state maybe used as stormtroopers if they are not also a Private militia by then, but apart from that it seems Mega liberal capitalism has a problem with the concept more than the state atleast in Australias case.

Ps By the way I know Draken means Dragon in Scandinavian so Question:Because you believe yourself to be a reasonably religious man like many others here why do you call yourself Dragon.My understanding was the dragon was a sign of satan to be honest!.
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