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Default Re: UFOs and Extraterrestrials

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post
Hello members and staff of CC,,

I would just like to ask, why there is no UFO/Aliens forum? .. I for one, and many others, consider it to be possibly the biggest conspiracy of all.

While I have no contention of NWO conspiracy discussion, among other more general topics.. I kindly request a new section for UFOs & ET's.

Kind Regards,,

Majorion, I am going to tell you a fact you may know or not. The aliens are demons from Hell who come here to spread deception. The Bible plainly says that Satan is the "prince of the air". Since the Word of God is the literal truth of God, it must bne true that the Greys are demons and the abductions are really the Demonic Greys possessing these poor people for Satan's evil plans. It is clear that the Tribulation is approaching and these "abducted humans" are the shock troops of Satan to be used against Jesus to aid the Anti-Christ in defeating Jesus and establishing the Satanic reing here on Earth.
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