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Default Re: HIGHER INDOCTRINATION: Universities and Corporate control by David Livingstone

Ozziecynic wrote:
:-o GR& NH :
Guys that seems like a cop out from both of you (copout aussie slang for poor excuses).
This attitude will not help you survive the future.I undestand that many of you are not cut for tertiary study but those that arent shouldnt try to put on the pretentions of being educated when they have never entered a uni campus in their lives.
For example i would like to know if posters here who criticise tertiary ED, like Draken have ever set foot on Uni campus or applied themselves to a degree because looking at his posts you would think he knows everything about everything in the most pretencious educated terms!.

If he hasnt or others then, their views are not facts they are just subjective like the next persons, nothing more nothing less. :-? :roll:
"this attitude will not help you survive the future"

Says who????????

Trust me, I'm cut from a very good cloth.

What attitude?????????

Listen up OC: YOU are no better in THEIR eyes than the 6th grade garbage collector.

Education is free, you don't need university, or degrees to be educated. Please read what some people are trying to express. For certain work, education has its place, obviously.

However,Get off your high horse.

Listen, my former mate is VP of one of the largest corporations in NJ, my brother in law is inline for a VP position, my brother graduated engineering college in 1968 when you needed to enter college with the best scores!!
Myself, only two years of college, and trade school. Yes, my work doesn't require a college degree. However, I can sit and dine with the best of them, and often do!! As far as people I know, I'll bet you only know of those in school and work.

You my friend think that YOU have the right to walk socially in everday life amongst everyday people placeing everyone you meet in a social pyramind, and totem pole. MY dear, I am NOT beneath YOU!! YOU want to take your 20 items and give yourself rank and go into the 10 item or less checkout counter. NO!!!

In public, you stand in line, just like the rest!!

In the workplace, there is a difference, and yet NOT all companies favor the "you are beneath me" attitude.

To those that run this world, YOU are in the same shit pond as the rest of us. However, if I'm going to play this game, then let me tell you something: I have what THEY want me to have: and that is MONEY IN THE BANK, NO COMPLICATIONS, NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL, NO POLICE RECORD, GOOD LOOKS TO BOOT, AND I DON'T CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP. I TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. PERIOD. Do THEY 'NEED' ME?? No, just like they really don't need you. Too many people in the world. Too many degreed people, too many uneducated people. It's a numbers game, as someone said.

Like I said to someone, I just started my 53 rd year. I might not be a millionaires daughter or wife. But honey, I am better off then the guy who thinks that just because he has a newer car, in college/degree, large home/apt, that I'm supposed to ride in the back seat. NOT!!

No my friend, I am not afraid of the future. YOUR kind wants me to be. I do not fear the elite, they have monkeys to do their bidding, and these monkeys do not want to listen to the people. How sad. And we are supposed to bond to make this a better world. Hah!!!

Trust me, I can be just as judgemental. You sound like you're a snob.

Poor example, but to the point in simplicity: if you hit my car, your degree will not make the police turn the other way. I'll see to that.
When we are in a waiting room, and I'm first, I'm going first....not YOU and YOUR degree, or your snob status. I'll turn towards you and bring you down in front of everyone.

I learned along time ago to be treated equally, and fair is fair. Anyone who pulls "infront" of me better have a better reason than yours.

You surprise me OC. Too bad.

People like you do not sit at our table. We welcome those that welcome the poor in spirit, the poor in education, and we make them ONE with us. It's how you carry yourself.

PS: Nothing wrong with a degree, I encourage all teens to push for a better, higher education.
But lets not knock down those who we can learn from, and lets listen.
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