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Default Re: UFOs and Extraterrestrials

Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
Majorion, I am going to tell you a fact you may know or not. The aliens are demons from Hell who come here to spread deception. The Bible plainly says that Satan is the "prince of the air". Since the Word of God is the literal truth of God, it must bne true that the Greys are demons and the abductions are really the Demonic Greys possessing these poor people for Satan's evil plans. It is clear that the Tribulation is approaching and these "abducted humans" are the shock troops of Satan to be used against Jesus to aid the Anti-Christ in defeating Jesus and establishing the Satanic reing here on Earth.
I respectfully disagree. I don't usually like to incorporate Religion into the misty foggy subject of UFOs and ET's. Let me explain why...

You may have grew up with the Bible, and have been convinced that it is the literal word of God through your own research. I live in the Middle East, and have grew up with the religion of Islam, and in our book; the Quran, there is much similarity to the Bible. Speaking of demons, aliens, and the sort.. our book speaks of a type of life-form called the "Jinn". They are described as similar beings to human, usually hidden and invisible to most humans (perhaps inter-dimensional), and have the capability of ascension to the heavens (E.G: space travel). But I personally try to take all this information with a grain-of-salt so to speak. If you ask me my religion, then I will tell you Muslim, by the truth is, I'm more of an gnostic, I prefer to stay on the position of; "I don't know" regarding many things.

And I know, that for many, it is very difficult to accept that religion and the age-old holy texts and scriptures of these religions, are not literally the word of God, and have all been and originally written and altered throughout history by humans, not any God.

Anyways, I have to run off for now..

But again, a kind and humble request to the staff of CC, for a new UFO forum.

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