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Default Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: OK I will!


I lived in the USA for some time and I have to say that I didn`t like the churches there, even though I met some good Chistians individuals. Yeah, the Bible belt sucks, and they want you to live THEIR religion all the time. But that is not the same as living with Jesus all the time.
Think...these guys don`t represent Christ 100%, they are only some people in a very limited geographical location, in a very limited time period. Billions of Christians lived who were not Bible belt people. Here in Brazil they don`t mean shit, and many people are glad living with Jesus in their hearts, regardless of what Pat Robertson or Falwell say or do.
All I can suggest is forget about them and read the book of John by yourself, asking God to reveal to you who Jesus was and what you should do about Him. That`s the main point. If you go to a church or not, which church, etc, this God will solve for you, but first you have to deal with this Jesus as a way to salvation thing. The rest is secondary.
All the best for you.
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