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Default Re: Lets take a Trip to VENUS

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post
I have clarified twice. Did you even read everything I wrote from the beginning of this thread till the end?

What made you come to this conclusion that they AREN'T REAL?.. Do you not notice all the links to NASA?... You seem to be confused with what is meant by "TRUE-COLOR".. These are Magellan Radar images.. .
The Orange color was picked by NASA to represent Venusian images because one of the first Russian images from Venera landers showed an orange color. Ever since then the surface of Venus is shown as Lava Orange

Here is the image from Venera 13

That NASA have been engaged in the cover up of what really exists on Venus. As well as Mars, the Moon.

NASA airbrush, alter, and manipulate these images of the solar system. Did you know that the true color of Mars is not red as they display with their images?.. They apply a false color purposely. The sky on Mars is blue.

In the case of these Venus images, they have picked the orange lava color. Look at the image above, on the left side, what color do you see on Venus?.. Now why do you think they picked the orange lava color?

Are you aware of wavelengths? .. RGB?

I have gotten this material and data from a person whom has connections with intelligence people, DoD specifically.

Now, if you are so shocked by this reality I present here, with evidence for all to see, then there is no reason to attack me, you know what they say; don't kill the messenger.

Sorry, but I'm not attacking you.

If you perceive that because I asked you to clarify the conspiracy you are presenting about the color of VENUS as an attack, therein would lie your confusion.

You don't need to respond with another lengthy reply that still doesn't clarify why you said that the pictures from NASA are REAL but that the color in the pictures has been altered.

It can't be both.

They're either REAL or they are not REAL.

Therein lies your confusion.

For the third time, please clarify the conspiracy about VENUS that you have presented to the forum.

The fact that you say you have received this information from INTELLIGENCE people with the DoD doesn't impress me nor would I be inclined to believe it just because you say so.

At this point in time, I highly doubt anyone truly cares to concern themselves with VENUS or MARS or whatever conspiracy you think you are presenting.

I mean, seriously, should I get all worked up about whatever it is you're talking about regarding some conspiracy concerning the color of VENUS which you don't even seem to be able to explain?

I don't think so.

There are more important issues facing our country than the color of Venus.


Thank you and Carry on!!

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