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Default Re: Lets take a Trip to VENUS

You're kidding, right?

You don't think I have asked you a question?


I wonder what started this conversation.

A question, perhaps?


You must not read what I post because I've only asked you for about the fifth time now to clarify the conspiracy you present in your OWN WORDS without the help of video provided to you by your very close friend in the Intelligence community/DoD.

But, instead, you chose to write a bunch of hogwash and ATTACK me.


Please explain the conspiracy you have presented in YOUR OWN WORDS without quoting me.

Majorion said:

"On the contrary, you seem to be in complete compliance with what the INTEL community actually wants you to believe. You seem to trust them far more than I do."

I can't stop from laughing!!!

As if you know everything about me after spending one day on this site.

What a hoot!

I'd say that you, my dear, seem to be reside in their back pocket.

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