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Default Re: Lets take a Trip to VENUS

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post
What you CAN'T contemplate, nor fathom, is the depth of the conspiracy I am presenting to you.

You haven't presented anything. I'm still waiting.

An hour or two of your life to explore Venus is boring?

If you would have focused your attention and time today over the material, instead of immediately jumping in to attack the messenger, then we might have been discussing the details of this case and the intriguing anomalies.

Please, I'm waiting for the details.

You have been off-topic this whole time. Other forums have a wonderful alert button for certain posts. Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be the case here at CC.

Yeah. Unfortunately, for you. Off-topic. Oh, please. You don't seem to be able to stay on topic by answering the original question.

Anyhow, here's a beautiful structure on the moon for you to "contemplate".

Oh, my. I'm contemplating.

Inside the box this time, folks.

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