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Default Re: Looking for Faith

Originally Posted by ;35781
What would you read for inspiration?
Well, watch all the Star Wars movies, that's for #1, then read the books and then commune with my Master, Lord Lucifer.
As for Cold, he is a buffoon. He too shall be destroyed. Nobody, no matter how powerful or wise, can stand up to my Master. In the end, those who mock my Master will receive their reward. Cold is a fool, and a powerless one at that.
My Master owns, controls and has power over everything. He is wiser and more powerful then the Fool, YHWH. Oh, I know the mewing weaklings cower at the Fool's feet, but let me ask you this: If your Master YHWH is so powerful, why has he not destroyed my Master?
The answer is that he cannot! The Fool is such a moron, then when my Master offered to come to terms with him, long ago, The Fool turned him down. The Fool believes he can defeat my Master, but despite The Fool's best attempts, The Fool has been unable.
This war will come to an end, and not as The Fool has foreseen. All that stand before my Master will fall before my Master. All of you blind, pathetic slaves who mew and beg The Fool and serve him shall fall with The Fool. Wake up before it is too late!
In contrast, my Master shall reward me and I will reign with my Master. I will use my Master's wisdom to become a god, and will rule as a god.

If you're smart, you will choose the winning side. Cold, you are a discredit to my Master, you disgust me. I doubt you have any honor, but if you did you would put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. It would be easier for you then forcing us to destroy you. WE ARE LEGION!
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