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Default Support The Classification of Fundementalism as Insanity

I would like you out there who are intelligent people to support me in writing to my Senator to have ALL Fundementalist categorized as mentally unbalanced individuals in need of psychiatricd hospitalization, monitoring and medication.
The initiative is done in the hopes of bringing peace to the world and helping these poor, delusional people. We know Fundementalism or as I call it, Delusional Belief System Disorder (D.B.S.D), is a serious mental illness. The symptoms include: believing in no-esitent dieties, unicorns, e.t.c. Sufferers believe these delusional beings speak to them and often believe such books as the Koran, The Bible and The Tanahk are literal messages from their non-existent diety.
As part of this measure, certain religious organizations will be outlawed and their followers hospitalized in mental institutions. There, they will receive proper anti-psychotic medication and therapy, so they may return to society as sane individuals instead of dangerous, delusional maniacs.
The proposed law would state that anyone who says their Holy Book is the only true revelation of their non-existent diety , or religious organization that proposes the same is a public health threat to society. The F.B.I will be used to detain these individuals to be processed in F.E.M.A camps.
The law also would make a person 1) claiming the world was created in seven literal days 2) that evolution is a lie and that 3) use hateful statements regarding sexual and ethnic minorities as suffering from D.B.S.D. The courts, under such evidence being produced, will detain the insane individual.
Like I said the F.E.M.A camps can be used for this. National troops should be called in to quell riots or social disrest from areas where the disease has taken hold, such as the Bible Belt.

If you support freedom and sanity and wish to help these poor, mentally ill people, support me in this!!

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