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Default Re: Einstein vs Tesla - a good article explaining the flunky vs the true genius

Originally Posted by nomad View Post
It is a fear that mankind will develop this power for the harm of mankind, rather than for the benefit of mankind.
So what else is new? Mankind ALWAYS looks for new ways to destroy rather than benefit.

The only time anything is done to benefit mankind, there's an alterior motive for it, which in 99.999% of cases is MASS PROFIT.

That's why I've always said, for the past 30 years of my life, that "IF" we ever find an actual 100% cure for any of the real horrid diseases, the only people who will receive that treatment will be the top political figureheads and related upper echelon people who control the world. Maybe some very special famous people.

But for the masses? NEVER, EVER will such cures be administered on a regular basis. Why?

What would happen to funding and all donations from the people, if a cure were released? 'nuff said.

Sad, but very true.
Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.

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