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Default Re: Amy Goodman First Journalist to Win "Alternative Nobel"

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I'm sure the sick and starving women in Ethiopia will not prosper from Amy's achievement.
I'm with you on this. Also, for another perspective:

Amy Goodman (should be Badman or Badwoman), along with Howard Zinn, William Blum, and all those other Jewish poseurs who label themselves "progressives" should be exposed for all their perfidy and hidden allegiances. Not to mention other bright but deceptive media lights like William Rivers Pitt or Paul Craig Roberts, and let's not forget the Arch Shabbez Goy Alex Jones. lol

Maybe these fine, upstanding pillars of the community should attempt to explain why they are razor sharp about the wanton excesses of America and the United States, yet conspicuously fail to identify the Jewish links that cause so many of these serial disasters: Actions by Banks, Media, Medicine, Entertainment, which are all meticulously assembled like a devil's symphony to destroy the societies on which they are imposed.

I figure they should have to come clean about all these issues FIRST, before being handed an award. Nobel Prize for any of the aforementioned, is a bloody disgrace. A bullet in the head wake up call for the general public to be made aware of the dangers of such people being lifted to idol status.

It hurts all of mankind, and should be stopped.

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