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Default Re: Breaking News about Bin Laden

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Hi BlueAngel

I would put it slightly differently.

Al Qaeda is a CIA database, which includes the name Bin Laden, in one of it's fields.

The reason why people make such a big thing about the beard, is that some sources claim Bin Laden has been dead for some time now. How does a dead man make videos?

Bin Laden videos are shown in the media, to encourage the idea that the war in Afghanistan is worthwhile. They are not going to say the war is needed because of the drugs and oil coming from the country. They are not going to say that the drugs coming from there, were virtually stopped by the Taliban, just before the war. They are not going to point out, that the drugs being grown there are at a record high now (excuse the pun lol). They are also not going to say that the US economy has only lasted as long as it has because it is boosted by drug money.

From The Wilderness: Information on Peak Oil, Sustainablility, and the events surrounding 9/11
As I've said, Al Qaeda is a CIA funded terrorist organization responsible for 911 and other terrorist activities.

Lots of names on the list.

As I've also stated, the poppy fields were non-existent when the Taliban were in power.

911 was THEIR reason to invade Afghanistan, oust the Taliban and get the poppy fields growing again so the CIA can fund their black operations and most probably use the country as a training ground for terrorists.

911 was THEIR reason, as well, to present lies to the public for the subsequent invasion of Iraq by connecting Saddam to this terrorist organization.

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