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Default Re: I need people to interview doing a project on obama...

Originally Posted by def3mno62 View Post
Hi I am doing a project for english class (I know its random cuz it has nothing to do with english) But Basically I need to interview how the alternativ media views Obama so if people could answer the following questions that would be great...Do you believe Obama the Black pope?Do you believe Obama has links to Al Queda?Do you believe Obama wants to take away our civil liberties?Do you believe Obama is a homosexual?Do you believe Obama has had gay affairs?Do you believe Obama is a member of the illuminati?Do you think Obama is a freemason? Do you think the Obama election was in anyway related to pokemon? (I know that is a rediculous question)Do you think Obama is the anti-christ?Any answers would be appreciated
He's just another prostitute for the rich and powerful. A mouthpiece for those who pull the purse-strings. Not much else...same as ALL past presidents, except for maybe the first half dozen.
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