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Default Re: I need people to interview doing a project on obama...

Originally Posted by Central_Scrutinizer View Post
He's just another prostitute for the rich and powerful. A mouthpiece for those who pull the purse-strings. Not much else...same as ALL past presidents, except for maybe the first half dozen.
Thanks for the tip about quoting properly, CS.

I see that at some point, I made the comment that I wish I could quote properly and the reason for you sending me a PM advising in this regard.

I should not have used the word PROPERLY, because I do have my own methods, which are obvious throughout the forum and I consider them PROPER, as well.

For MY OWN reasons, sometimes I prefer to quote the text of another poster in its' entirety; typing the word QUOTE as my comment underneath the text I quoted because the QUOTE cannot stand alone unless a comment is attached to it. So, I type the word QUOTE as my comment. I'm quoting the text in its' entirety, not because I want to respond, but, as I said, for my own reasons.

Other times, I prefer to quote the text in its' entirety because I am responding in BOLD to various comments within the text. Again, the forum doesn't recognize the comments I have placed inside the quote as a response, so I'll usually type, "comments inside the box" underneath the QUOTE so my reply can be posted.

I prefer to use the BOLD method rather than CHOPPING up the text and responding in the manner that many other posters use.

I have yet to conquer that method and it would be useful, at times.

I believe my comment was that I wish I could quote properly so I wasn't really asking for instructions, but thanks anyway for taking the time to type them out for me and I'll take the time, when I can find some, to conquer that task.
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