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Default Re: rotschild family vs the royal famalies

Blah blah blah blah blah blah nauseum.

No one knows.. NO ONE. You can speculate all you wish, but until the day comes when the Abomination of Desolation is exposed for ALL to see, NO ONE can sit or stand around telling us all what it will be or what part of society it will represent.

Originally Posted by InHisHands View Post
And yes, there will be a Satanic false prophet (religious leader who will arise), will will lead this cest-pool of abomination...

Try Cesspool.

You are right in saying that the Illuminat have infiltrated Christianity - something which has definately be proven.
By who? Oh, that's "Illuminati", not to mention "definitely been". No charge!

Certain Christian leaders at definately suspect.

Now, its not my intention to give a doctoral thesis here on religion, but if we're going to point out issues in the Christian church, let's just make sure that we're not writing some of these so-called "teachers" and "prophets" off just because we differ from them in doctrine.
That's like saying they're wrong, but you don't want to rock their boat so you'll go along with them anyway? LOL Talk about two-faced. But hey, that's religion for you!

For example, I personally don't agree with all the teachings of the "word of faith" movement, or the "Toronto Blessing" adherents. But for all our differences, foundationally we are the same. And, for all its abuse and faults....labeling the charismatic movement as "false" in and of itself is not necessarily correct.
How can you not agree with something, then claim you believe and practice the same thing? It's not even logical or of sound mind to say such a thing. Oh, and by the way, anyone who would claim experience in giving a doctoral thesis on any topic, would NEVER start a new sentence with the word "And".

If one studies closely the history of the Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons, you will find close ties and involvement in the occult, satanism and under the control of Illuminati families.
I'll agree with the first two remarks, but you're dead wrong about the source from whence it came. The Iluminati was around long, long, before those two holy-roller cults.

Let's double check what were believing and saying before we post some age-old religious rhetoric
Yes! You would do well to apply your advice to your own rhetoric.
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