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Default Re: Lets take a Trip to VENUS

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post

You're not doing this job so well...

Sorry, but you are not in a position to render an opinion as to how I am performing at my JOB.

I'm voluntarily confining my activity here, in this one thread, purposely. Regardless of whether YOU think that you're somehow successful in keeping me here busy in this one thread.

Oh, yes, I'm certain there is a CONSPIRACY to keep you confined to this one thread.

I am respecting what you're trying to do here, and I do understand. But you are not being respectful with me.

I'm as respectful to you as you are to me and I have no clue what you think I'm TRYING to do.

I have every right to post this material, as this is a conspiracy forum after all. I don't care if it has your seal-of-approval or not mr.

I don't recall informing you that you couldn't post this material. In fact, I know I didn't.

I could be presenting far more sensitive stuff, but it's okay, I won't disturb you anymore.

You're not disturbing anyone. Post it.

You won't get any trouble from me, as long as you leave me be, and NOT throw another fully-expected response. I'm used to you guys around all the forums, and I'm tired of playing these games. A private message requesting cessetion of the leaks, would've been appropriate enough, and I would have shut the hell up, respectfully.

You don't trouble me, but please be advised that any member of this forum can comment on this thread; any other thread you author and respond to your comments. I think you're confused. No one is playing a game and if you shut-up that easily when in possession of such highly classified/sensitive information, I don't think you are the proper person for the job. Who should have private messaged you? Darth? I don't care what you post. No one is playing a game with you. You must be playing by yourself.


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