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Default Re: Paedophilia: An Analysis In Method.

I just heard the story of the mother of Johnny Gosh in the radio show...poor woman, her son was kidnapped and the police tried to cover things up. He was used in sex slave ring by politicians. They say it is the same ring from Larry King's Franklin scandal. I read the book about the case, what a horrible thing. And to think that Bohemian Grove and the White House are into it.
Now they say Jeff Gannon, the homo pimp journalist in the White House is her son. Could that be true? Is Bush a gay pedophile too ?

I have a small son and believe that giving the other cheek does not mean being passive about defending your family. Not at all. It means being able to let go of small offenses and letting pride aside when insulted. It means trying again even when hurt. This passage is often misunderstood.

Mary, which country did you flee from ? Can you elaborate why or is it too personal ?
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