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Default Re: Self-Sufficiency vs. Comfort

Yo OC.

My stepfather has been a trady/builder for 40 years. Most of his friends are retired but still active.

We need to really define what the system is.

The system has nothing to do with free markets and 'liberal', low government interference policies.

It is socialism by any definition whereby members of the same class (managerial) whether in the private or public sector, utilise the power of the State to further their own agenda's.

What is currently unfolding around the world has absoloutly NOTHING to do with free market liberalism. It is imperial domination mixed in with socialist/fuedal powers systems of control.

They can talk the talk all they like. When they's to the John Raulston Saul points out----> the so-called Capitalists of today are socialists in drag who wont get out of bed in the morning without a government subsidy, cartel agreement or huge tariff. They would die of shock should they compete...

Look at our own Ralph Sarich and the 'Orbital Engine'. A true capitalist by ANY defintition... the cartel's involving the car and oil industry canned him with the full co-operation of the Federal and State Australian governments who refused to help in ANY way though they regularly waste tax payers cash on their friends (Howard and his mate in the ethanol industry).

In the end, without fancy economic's simply a system of class warfare whereby a grouping of individuals with the same philosophic and class consciousness, seek to use all the tools at their disposal to maintain power and privelidge.

It is rightly called fuedalism. The return of Kings and robber barrons ruling a vast peasant class.

However...just which God will be ordaining the new Kings of today?

With the rise of Secular Humanism, the U.N, on what ultimate value will this new King rule?
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