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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

You hit the ugly button right on the head.

Abused children confuse sex with love. Hell, they are taught to confuse sex with everything. It's all about sex.

I ask any real man out there, would you want to see your sister or your daughter or your mum shakin' her fandango? Why is it O.K. as long as it is some else's child?

I ask any real woman out there, what is glamorous about a male, usually in some form of intoxicated state, drooling over your body, like you are a piece of meat and he is real hungry?

Money, is it worth your self esteem and how you view yourself? Men pay strippers to oggle their bodies and grope them if they can.

Would the behaviour that goes on in a stripper club be acceptable in public? Why behind closed doors? The cocaine that takes back the strippers "earnings" is always on sight. The prostitution that goes on in the private rooms?

Great life for any girl to live, a gateway to pornography and the drug world - stripping.

Wrong is wrong is wrong is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will someone please define feminine for me?
How the hell did we achieve feminism as a derivative??

Mary XXX
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