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Default Crank Yankers Episode 1.

Hey crank yanker:

Education is free, you don't need university, or degrees to be educated. Please read what some people are trying to express. For certain work, education has its place, obviously.
I thought i made it clear i was talking about accredited education. The type of education you do to gain employment. Iam not refering to self education at ones lesiure. If one want to pass course and gain employment they submit to curricula to pass a course, a means to an end.
I dont think you are understanding me to well !.

However,Get off your high horse.
I am not on any high horse dear!.Infact compared to the average american i have my foot firmly placed on the ground. It is you americans that are on a high horse. Your egos are always conceited and when you cant get something you just become nasty and jeolous and attempt to cut others down that do. Foreigners are dammned if they do and dammned if they dont. So i just decided to shun all americans because they are always shunning me!.

Listen, my former mate is VP of one of the largest corporations in NJ, my brother in law is inline for a VP position, my brother graduated engineering college in 1968 when you needed to enter college with the best scores!!
Thats all very interesting but it has zero to do with me! I have no desire of sitting with the best of them. And the best of what I might add?.I like your presumptions for wanting higher education most of them have zilch to do with me. My reasons are self betterment not status values as you superficial amercans always like to presume.

You my friend think that YOU have the right to walk socially in everday life amongst everyday people placeing everyone you meet in a social pyramind, and totem pole. MY dear, I am NOT beneath YOU!! YOU want to take your 20 items and give yourself rank and go into the 10 item or less checkout counter. NO!!!
Rubbish and mere speculation. You dont know me from a bar of soap. YOU are creating your own character one that is not me!. You can make all the wild speculations and stereotypes you like about me but you are wrong and deluded!. I thought i made it clear before i could not be stereotyped!. Well i cant!.

In public, you stand in line, just like the rest!!

Like I said to someone, I just started my 53 rd year. I might not be a millionaires daughter or wife. But honey, I am better off then the guy who thinks that just because he has a newer car, in college/degree, large home/apt, that I'm supposed to ride in the back seat. NOT!!
So thats your problem then, is your simply just jeolous! Get over it you live in status based and class based system the US is even worse than au. However why you wish to dump all this stuff on modest me seems a mystery!.Maybe you need a shrink!.

No my friend, I am not afraid of the future. YOUR kind wants me to be. I do not fear the elite, they have monkeys to do their bidding, and these monkeys do not want to listen to the people. How sad. And we are supposed to bond to make this a better world. Hah!!!
What are my kind! There is only one of me! Make this a better world ? :lol: And just when I thought we didnt get utopians on cc. :lol:

Trust me, I can be just as judgemental. You sound like you're a snob.
Judegemental .k. So who is the one with a grudge and jeolousy complex against Uni students. Why talk about the speck in anothers eye when you have a log in your own! As for snob you should realise that todays snob was yesterdays aspirational lower class nobody!Its called climbing the social ladder or in more formal language enbourgoisement!.It happening in most western nations even amongst a minority of the third worlds.Would you prefer it if most people had no ambition.I must say thats the first time i seen an american with an attitude like yours!.

People like you do not sit at our table. We welcome those that welcome the poor in spirit, the poor in education, and we make them ONE with us. It's how you carry yourself.
Poor!. I am poor I am partly on social security!. You cant get much more poor than that!. Before i applied myself to uni ed i was in the workforce as lower skilled worker.I also had significant periods of unemployment so iam nothing special neither is my family my father is retired 70 year old accountant and mother never worked both of them lived through the depression as kids in au.They are far more modest than you can ever imagine!.

In all you have a huge chip on your shoulder i think you need a shrink or DR Phil perhaps :lol:!But what ever tell some one whos cares because i dont! I have enough of my own problems!. :-? :roll:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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