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Default Re: Looking for Hot Chick With D.I.D and Infantalism for Love

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
You've misspelled the word Infantalism.

The correct spelling is infantilism.

The definition is as follows:

Paraphilic infantilism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So, you seek an adult woman who desires to be treated as a baby.

Is this because you have pedophile tendencies?

Sounds like you seek someone who was victimized in a mind control program and had child-like alters (MPD) created through traumatization so the victim could be used to satisfy the sexually deviant/pedophlia desires of the SICK dignitaries at HOME (US) and abroad, as well as those who traumatized the victims and created MPD; used within the Music Industry/Entertainment industry as sex slaves and in CIA/Mafia pornography.

The list goes on and on.

Is that what you're looking for?

If so, I suggest you seek psychiatric care ASAP and refrain from posting on this site.
No, I am definitely NOT one of those psychos. You obviously did not do enough research, because if you did, you would have realized it's a simple paraphillia and has nothing to do with kids.
I just seek a woman who is an infantilist is all. Sheesh..and as for all that garbage on abuse (you're nopt one of those religious lunatics who believe in "Satanic ritual abuse" are you? That has been discrdited by the F.B.I)
And..could it be that I have M.P.D? Hmmm..could it be I am looking for a counterpart for another personality of my own? I'm just floating this as a theory, of course.
Let's say that I did have an alter. And let's further say that said Alter simply wanted a playmate. Would it be unreasonable for me to procure one for said alter?
Ya know, many Infantalist don't have any sex play in their infantalism. Does this surprise you?
It seems you may a religious fanatic suffering from D.B.S.D (Delusional Belief System Disorder). I suggest you seek treatment and escape whatever religious cult that programmed you.
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