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Default Re: Dissociative identity disorder is More "Normal" Then People Think

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Multiple personalities aka DID as the AMA renamed it is not normal.

The AMA renamed MPD in order to protect the CRIMINALS within our government/CIA who created MPD through torture/abuse and trauma in those persons who were victims of mind control programs all sponsored by the United State's government and used for their nefarious purposes.

NO ONE is born with MPD or DID.
Lies. You, sir, are a religious fanatic, a religious lunatic who believes lies and suffers from a severe case of D.B.S.D (Delusional Belief System Delusion).
So, are you saying that if I had D.I.D, some nefarious group of maniacal agents from the CIA messed with my mind?
That's bullshit. You obviously are totally controlled by your illness. YOU are the one who needs a psychiatrist and probably to be placed in a lunatic asylum until you are cured of D.S.B.D, and realize 1) your god is dead 2) Your religion is a religion of fanatics, lunatics and maniacs 3) There is NO conspiracy, except in your deluded, warped mind.
You are, in my opinion, a danger to society untill you are successfully treated for D.B.S.D . Like all religious fanatic Fundys, you're a threat to a sane, logical, free society. Please go to your local psychiatric ward and tell them about your deluded, insane beliefs so you may get treatment for them.
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