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Default Re: The Corporations Role In Problem/Reaction/Soloution

The banking and financial institutions are not only financing most of the corporations: during the last decades, they have also bought them.

The bunch of families owning the so-called "international banks" (owning the FED too) have manipulated the stock values of the corporations (these families are owning also the main stock exchange places) and bought them massively at low price. Technicians like Soros have a big role in this robbery mechanism. Most of these families are from talmudist khazar origin. Today, these "international banksters" are trying to shot down the stockprice of corporations like Boeing and General Motors in order to put their hand on them.

Why do the kabbalistic banksters want to own the corporations? Because:

- they don`t want to leave the financial power of the corporations to anybody else than themselves;
- the corporations are concentrating the jobs in their hands (they eliminate all the other job-provider enterprises, including the state) and this allows them to blackmail the policies of the governments in the way of the world power for the greedy (and racist) few owning the corporations.

Of course, the world economical system based on the corporations do produce a lot of jobless people but don`t forget that the "elite" has decided to reduce the human population to not more than 1 billion: all the joblesses have to leave in their calculations, by way of war, disease, euthanasia (remember Terry Schiavo) or abortion. Only the self-chosen master-people and the slaves they need will stay in live. Once this objective will be reached, you bet than it will be no more corporations and money but only a world where a few will be served by an enslaved human population. Just like in the Assyrian or Babylonian empires from where are originating the talmudism and its black-magic the kabbalah...
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