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Default Re: David Ickes Reptilians

Couldn't at least some people be made to see people turning into reptilians using mind control techniques? Just like possibly people have been made into believing they've had abduction-experiences (for example, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a zionist (most likely), the president of Kalmykia, and of FIDE (world chess federation), believes to have been aboard a spaceship).

i'm not totally against a fantastical reality being possible but it seems far more likely to me that it would be a mind control trick - and perhaps people like Icke are building up towards something like that. There was the tv-show V in the 80s to pave the way for people to believe some such nonsense - just like they have used tv-shows like X-Files and almost everything else (police series to mold our attitudes towards crime and criminals etc, hospital series etc.)
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