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Default Re: The Family Guy SICK FOX Show

Originally Posted by VillageIdiot View Post
The animals in Family Guy are mostly portrayed as thinking, reasoning beings. Brian is portrayed as much as a family friend as anything, who has a crush on the main Lois.
Is this clever or stupid? You make your choise, i make mine. And even if you thought it was clever, in my experience i can find many things clever which have no substance or beauty in them. Just like sugar is sweet but eating it isn't good for you.

i've never yet seen a sit-com that i could stomach (and this isn't because of christian morality, because i have none of that - but i might have a semblance of taste). For example, Married with Children? Funny, i admit, it's funny. But i don't think it takes mankind to a decent honourable direxion. i have no use for it in my life however funny it might be. i doubt the writer's could or would write anything with honourable content that would uplift the viewers - the same with Family Guy. Then again, television absolutely is not needed for anything really.

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