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Default Re: Dissociative identity disorder is More "Normal" Then People Think

Originally Posted by zacatecas View Post
i think the point Darth is making is meant to create deliberately confusion - it's one of those opinions that one can't imagine any sane person having (like the other i just saw on this forum, which is too fantastic for me even to begin to reply, that there'd actually be nothing wrong with the NWO). There are certain opinions people on the net often seem to promote that are just so unreasonable and ununderstanding that one simply must label the people promoting them automatically as agents. One can never find such opinions from people in real life in the circle of one's friends or their friends.

It's true people differ psychologically from each other, but the line between a mental disease and eccentricity is drawn in water. There are no clear definitions when something is an issue of mental health and when it's just eccentric/personal behaviour. Sure, we all can dissociate from certain actions or things we say or do at the moment of doing them, like when flying into a rage, but multiple personalities that dissociate from each other are not normal.

And it most certainly is not normal if one's mind has been artificially messed up by other people - do you really think the CIA and the military use resources money and time for mind control and come up with nothing? Or do not use what they come up with for anything at all that would increase their upper hand and control? To imagine thus is extremely foolish.

As for your silly DBSD, it is not up to you to tell anyone else that their beliefs are delusional. You are not the judge of why someone believes what they do, what inner reasons and associations they have. They may be mistaken in your view, and you may try to explain this to them, but that is where your right ends. i encourage empathy and tolerance. The one who seems most insane may turn out to be the best of the lot - even if not according to your standards.
TAKE NOTE: "Best of the Lot;" flying into a rage; multiple personalities.

Notice how this person is a new member and his comment is followed up by another new member.

The reason:

So that I would read it again.

This sentence:

The one who seems most insane may turn out to be the best of the lot.


What lot?

A lot of insane people?

I would imagine that Darth is the one who appears the most insane so you are implying he is the best of the lot.

Alrighty then...

This member also sent me a PM about Mind Control within the Music Industry thread. How he enjoyed reading it and after using Springsteen's name, he placed the word Boss in quotes and parenthesis.

As if I wouldn't know who he was talking about if he just used the name Springsteen.

He also suggests tolerance and empathy.

For whom?

He's suggesting Darth should show tolerance and empathy for whom?


I'm not looking for tolerance and empathy from anyone on this site and certainly not from Darth.

He also drops hints about the CIA/Mind Control to make one believe he is a defensive player.

Not true.

I have radar.

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