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Default Re: Dissociative identity disorder is More "Normal" Then People Think

Notice how this person is a new member and his comment is followed up by another new member.

The reason:

So that I would read it again.
i'm sorry, but most of the things people do in this world have nothing to do with you.

However, you have a point. i do see how it is suspicious, that a new member, being me, writes you a message and writes something on the board after that (i wrote to you first because i was waiting for me registration to be accepted via email), and then another new member as his first post replies to mine and agrees with it.

Actually that makes me suspicious whether the person agreeing with me did mean the repetition for you. i've got no idea. When i saw his agreement, i was wondering why he agreed with that particular part.

But there is nothing i can say to you to prove that i am not an agent, and nothing you can say to me to convince me that i am. Stalemate. So, what to do, what to do? i would still appreciate it if you answered to my question in the pm.

The one who seems most insane may turn out to be the best of the lot.
That is english language. If i had chosen another expression, you would have found something to complain about that.

A lot of insane people?

I would imagine that Darth is the one who appears the most insane so you are implying he is the best of the lot.
No, what i meant was obvious from the context.

Have you ever heard of over-analyzing?

What i mean is that if you are this suspicious of people, and i agree with your experiences it is easy to be, it makes things rather difficult. Can any person approach you without appearing to have suspicious motives?

This member also sent me a PM about Mind Control within the Music Industry thread. How he enjoyed reading it and after using Springsteen's name, he placed the word Boss in quotes and parenthesis.
As if I wouldn't know who he was talking about if he just used the name Springsteen.
Yes i did but actually i included ("Boss") because funnily enough i realized the connexion for the first time i was writing the message to you. Obviously enough, i would never think including that helps anyone to realize whom i'm talking of. It would make more sense, then, to use the nickname first and as an afterthought include the name in quotes and parenthesis, no?

He also suggests tolerance and empathy.

For whom?
This is weird. Is it not obvious from the context? Tolerance and empathy towards people with different belief systems than one's own.

He's suggesting Darth should show tolerance and empathy for whom?
For those with what he calls DBSD.

Had absolutely nothing to do with me and this thread.

He also drops hints about the CIA/Mind Control to make one believe he is a defensive player.
i'm not sure what is a defensive player, but what "hints" have i dropped? i was reading most of yesterday about CIA/Mind Control so it's natural i have a few thoughts about it so i naturally talk/write about it. i registered on this forum because of it. But i think all of my references have been direct and not "hints".

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